Quickstart Guide

To use this component, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Create an article to be the 'Intro' article for the menu item. Normally, this article will have one or more tags entered in its metadata. These tags will be used to select the articles to show in the layout.
  2. Create the desired menu item. Navigate to the Menu Item Manager and click on the New button. Under FJ Related, there will be two new Menu Items. Select either the Related Articles Blog Layout or Related Articles List Layout. Here you have the same options to control the layout that you have for the standard Category List and Category Blog layouts. You can also fine-tune the way articles are selected.
    • You can include articles that match any of the tags in the Intro Article or you can include only those articles that include all of the tags of the Intro Article.
    • You can include articles that match the Intro Article's author or author alias.
    • You can limit articles by section or category.
  3. If needed, enter or edit the tags for the articles you wish to display.
  4. Run the menu item from the Joomla! front end. Articles with matching tags will show automatically in the layout.